I work as a Corporate and Life Coach on a 1:1 basis with clients who seek to develop their skills, and to resolve issues at work or in their career. In the past, this has involved working with executives to help them understand the dynamics of their management teams in order to make appropriate interventions, as well as helping to explore personal issues or career decisions.

Recently, Covid has seen many people re-evaluate their lifestyle choices and patterns of work.  As a result I have been helping people to cope with these new ways of working, perhaps making new life style choices, or working out how to approach their time in retirement.

I believe that the client must first be willing to take action and secondly, want to be coached! Without this basic commitment the process is doomed to failure.  Equally important is to build a rapport, because honest communication enables me to support the client and predict where future problems might lie.

I use a results-oriented, client-centred approach in which I assist you in finding the answers to the challenges that are affecting your progress – with my assistance, this is easier than you might think!  Taking an wide overview of your situation can often be revealing, and making use of my creative/intuitive skills can identify and overcome personal blocks and behaviour patterns that might impede your progress.

Areas where I have worked with clients in the past include:

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